Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bizcation: A Chance to Explore Real India

How often do you get to combine work with vacation? Infact how often do you even get some time to take a weekend away from work? With our everyday hectic schedules taking a vacation has become almost extinct. Bizcation came as a boom to all the working professionals who found it very difficult to take some time out for them. Professionals are now backing on bizcation more often than ever. A simple way to define bizcation would be business trips turned into vacations. Bizcation is a blend on business and vacation, which is the ideal compromise between the conflicting demands of a balanced homelife and a busy career.
Bizcation gives you a platform to broaden your personal and professional horizon; it’s a great way to get a little break. It gives you the pleasure to be on a vacation while you are still getting the most crucial work done.
Bizcations has become very popular in the recent times among both senior executives and entrepreneurs. According to Ministry of Tourism data (2007), 5.3% of total FTAs (Foreign tourist arrivals), i.e. 270,000, entered into India on Business Visa in 2007. With economic growth, the business travel in India is increasing and travelers on business trips are extending their stay to explore the market, culture and opportunities in India. For most entrepreneurs work is top most priority, and since it becomes too difficult to juggle between family and work bizcations have got much acclaimed success.
Vacation on Business tripA well planned bizcation will be a great stress buster and it will definitely reduce your stress level. You could take a few hours to explore things you always wanted to, to be by yourself or to even discover a whole new place.
While travelling to cities oversees businessmen especially try to extend their stay by a few days just to be awe-struck by the wonder that city has to offer.
Business trips turned into vacations are a great way to get that much needed break as well still being very much rooted into your work. What works even better is if your family accompanies you for your trip. Although there are a few rules every business traveler should follow while inviting their family on a business trip, but it is still the greatest way to spend some quality time with your family and still be working.
Bizcation emerged as a concept when people started travelling to different cities and countries for business. What comes along with visiting a new place is the urge to discover a new place, hence business trips eventually turned into short vacation all by themselves. What happened by chance has now become a habit. People are deliberately extending their business trips to a different city by a day or two just to get that mini-vacation.
ChandigarhNot only is bizcation stress busting but it is also a very affordable way for business travelers to get their down time. You could get a hotel room for the same discounted rate for an extended stay, thus cutting down a great amount of accommodation cost, keeping aside the money saved on getting to that new place.
The prospect of travelling for miles for a business trip might seem like a very arduous journey, especially for those who find themselves on the road regularly. Bringing your family along on such trips once in a while might make this stressful business trip into a romantic getaway.
Relaxing on Business TripIf you plan on getting your spouse or your family along choosing a right resort makes a great difference. While you are away at work, you shouldn’t think about what your spouse is doing or if your children are having some fun. Choose a resort that has a variety of facilities like a spa for your spouse, a golf course or a tennis court for some outdoor activities, children’s park for the kids to play for the least.
You could also book a tour of the city so that you and your family get a chance to explore a new city and bond. Each city around the world has a one of a kind nightlife, while on a bizcation with your spouse you could also explore the nightclubs and party hot spots the city has to offer.
Even better you could opt for homestay. The Other Home could help you find the most safest and comfortable homestay options anywhere in India. A home away from home, homestay options are very popular because you can make the most of your time, and meet homely new people eager to get to know you and be your host. People heading to New Delhi on business should definitely make a small trip to Agra or Jaipur, not far from the city these places are breathtaking and historic. We could help you plan a perfect trip to have an authentic Indian experience.
Bizcation also has its own downsides. While bringing your family along on a business trip has its own pros, it might sometimes be a hindrance. While you are away on a business meeting the last thing you want going on in your mind is if your spouse and your kids are having fun. Sometimes bringing your spouse along on a business trip might also create a different kind of image. Hence it is necessary that you weigh out both sides before taking the decision.
For people travelling to India we have great bizcation packages. We even provide customized, designed especially to suit your preferences bizcation packages. Even if you come alone or are accompanied by your family we guarantee you that you will take back good memories from your trip. Our Bizcation packages can be designed in any city according to your preference. If you are an official visit to a city in India we could even plan a small extended vacation to the picturesque countryside of India just a couple of hours from the hustle bustle of the city.
If you do not wish to travel far away we could even plan a perfect mini-vacation in the city that you are travelling to. With great sightseeing trips planned as well as a numerous activities arranged for you, we assure you a ball of a time. We assure you a high standard of comfort and service away from home.
Bizcation or bleisure is a little wonder. Bizcation is a growing trend and has almost reached the peak of its popularity in India as well. For business travelers who barely ever get an ‘off’, bizcation has become one of the much deserved breaks from the everyday hectic schedule.
While on your next business trip to India do visit some of the most beautiful places, experience some of the most memorable memories, and explore India. While you are at it do let us plan your trip while you make the most of your time working and then laying back and having a taste of India.
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