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Chandigarh: History with Modernity

Chandigarh CityKnown world-wide as the most beautiful and the most well planned city in India, Chandigarh is an epitome of great architecture, and a quality of life that is unparalleled. How often do you wonder, if serenity and a city can go together? While in Chandigarh you could totally agree that this concept does exist.
With the numerous trees and plants and the construction that is so well planned that you are awe-struck by it, Chandigarh is right gotten its name ‘The City Beautiful’.
Chandigarh is a great architectural creation of Le Corbusier a famous French ,architect who designed the city. What strikes drastically is the buildings which are geometrically subdivided in precision to form to form a structure that’s proportionate and detailed. The whole city is touched by Nature, it is so designed that there is something for anyone.
Foreign Visitors in ChandigarhLot of foreign tourist from Britain, France, Canada, the UAE, Pakistan, the US, Germany, Malaysia, Australia, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Iran come to the city and experience its beauty.
The city is divided into sectors of equal dimensions. Each sector caters to all the needs of people like schools, hospitals, departmental stores, recreational facilities and shopping complexes. Currently, the city has a population of 1.1 million inhabitant. It was, however, designed for a population of 500,000. It has the maximum green cover of its geographical area in the country, i.e. 38.8% tree cover, followed by Delhi, which has nearly 20% tree cover.
Apart from being an architectural wonder, Chandigarh has a lot to offer. For Tourists looking for more things to see and do, here are some of the places that you should definitely visit while you are travelling to Chandigarh.
The Sukana Lake is one of the most scenic places in Chandigarh; it’s a blessing to the citizens of Chandigarh as it adds umpteen amount of tranquillity to the environment.
To have a quick look at the city you could hop on to one of the Coaches that give you the best tour of the city, a half a day tour would cost you just Rs. 50. Starting from Hotel Shiwalik you would get to see the Zakir Rose Garden, the museum and art gallery, War memorial and Bougainvillea garden, the Rock garden and ending with the pristine Sukana Lake.
Sector 17If you are looking to shop in Chandigarh, head straight to Sector 17. Being the main shopping and commercial centre of Chandigarh this has something for everyone. You could find departmental stores, business centres, air conditioned showrooms, eateries, coffee houses and even modern day bars and lounges. To have a true experience visit the market in the evening, bustling with people returning from office and youngsters grouping up, and shoppers, this is a true blend of culture and people.
Rock GardernThe must visit place in Chandigarh, is the Rock Garden. Built from waste material from scratch this place is a great example of how one could protect their environment. Its world famous for it’s statues and sculptures built for ceramic.  The Rock Garden was built by a government official called Nek Chand who started working on it in his spare time. Today it is spread over 40 acres everything in this park is built from industrial and household waste. Since it’s situated very close to the Sukana Lake, you could visit two of the most beautiful places in Chandigarh at the same time.
Art and culture can be felt everywhere in Chandigarh. This beautiful city is today a home to many artists and writers. The city creates a beautiful environment for artistic development. There are frequently held exhibitions and performances by renowned singers, dancers and performance that you could have the pleasure to watch.
KasuliChandigarh shares its borders with the most scenic states in India. Being located near the foothills of the Shivalik ranges Chandigarh has great hill stations just a few hours drive away. The surrounding districts of Mohali in Punjab, and Kasauli and Chail in Himachal Pradesh have breath taking landscapes. Kasuli and Chail are just 77 km and 116 km away from Chandigarh, respectively. Kasuli is famous as one of the quietest hill stations in India and Chail is famous for the highest cricket ground in the world. Both are quit peaceful and comfortable place to visit.
Deep Roots RetreatTo experience the true essence of the city opt to stay in a farmhouse instead of paying huge bills for a hotel room that has no touch of the city’s culture. Deep Roots Retreat is an excellent farm house located in Chandigarh. Mr. Kanwaljit  S. Brar, the owner of Deep Roots started the retreat with the intention of letting people see the brighter part of the city and being one with nature.
When he travelled with his family he saw the wide eyed fascination his kids had with nature. Nothing delighted them as a family more than hiking through the wilderness or the running around in the sheer open space of the various Farm stays / Home Stays which we patronized on our travels. Their wonder was almost always followed by an onslaught of illuminating questions about people and the natural world. All this with the intrusive urban congestion and importantly no TV.
These were ‘teachable moments’ for his children that marked their personal growth, and it occurred to him that other families might benefit from an opportunity to experience nature in a way that would be educational, inspirational, safe and fun.  Other reason to start the retreat was to promote the essence of Punjab provide visitors with a glimpse of the history of Punjab and take you back to an era when brave, honest and pious men built the territory which we now call the Punjab. He believes in giving his customers the best he have to offer, provide an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, commune with nature, relax and come home with awesome experience, wonderful memories. To experience and observe life in Rural India, an opportunity seldom presented to the domestic traveller.  All of the above coupled with great food.
If you wish to have the similar joy of being so close to nature and allowing your family to experience the little wonders that are non materialistic we could arrange the same for you. Call us today while we plan the most memorable trip for you.
To have a glimpse of what you could experience at Deep Roots Retreat we have a customer testimonial, just to give you a firsthand virtual experience of what you benefit by choosing us.
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