Thursday, 21 June 2012

Find your home in India!!

Incredible IndiaIf the number of tourists visiting India is increasing manifold, there definitely should be a reason. If more and more people prefer India as their holiday home, the reason ought to be quite huge. If India is the most preferred tourist destination for people world wide, there are a lot of reasons this phenomenon. The variety of holiday destinations available in India could be one reason. Let it be adventure, sight-seeing, historic places, spiritual holidays or whatever kind of holiday you crave for, the whole package is right here in India. Apart from the beauty and the variety of places available for holidaying, another reason for the great tourist flow to India is the accommodation and transport facilities that are offered by firms like The Other Home.
Incredible India Campain in UKAn interesting aspect to note is the notable number of tourists flowing to India from the United Kingdom. Very well aware of the possibilities of holidaying in India, the UK tourists completely enjoy visiting India which is very evident from the increase in their number. The main reason behind this is affordable flights to India, unique homestay accommodation, and also information on the country’s tourism centres and best season to visit those places. Earlier, Government of India launched “Incredible !ndia” campaign from July to September 2007 in London and featured events, activities and festivals across the capital dedicated to Indian art, film, food, theatre, music and fashion. As part of the campaign, buses and taxis plying along the main routes in London wore vibrant Incredible India colours and messages. There was also a 16% jump in inbound tourism from the UK in 2007.
Tourists Inflow from United Kingdom, 2001-10 (Figures in ‘000)Tourists flow from United KingdomAccommodation defines the hospitality provided by the host country as well as it is the best way to make the tourist at ease. Fine accommodation with all the comforts required hence is one of the basic ingredients for providing a successful holiday. So how would an ideal comfortable accommodation be? It is normal human psychology that we all feel most comfortable at our homes. So what could be a better way of providing a cosy warm accommodation than a homestay?
Emerald TrailA homestay is a typical home-like environment where the tourist becomes a part of a household for a fixed amount of time. The guest is given a room in the house and he shares food with the household members. At some homestays, the guest also gets to be part of the family celebrations or events. The advantages of homestays are plenty. The tourist is more comfortable in a homestay than a hotel. He/she gets a feeling that they are part of the family. They get to interact more with the local people and know more about the culture. Most importantly, the tourist feels as if he/she is part of the whole system. The majority of the tourists from UK prefer homestays than hotel accommodations which shows the popularity of the system of homestays.
Homestay Experience in IndaThe numbers of homestays in India are increasing day by day. Along with providing accommodation and food, they also organize certain interesting tasks like hunting and trekking that interests the guest.
Apart from having the basic facilities for homestay, you need to register with the tourist department of your district or state to become an official host. Inspections are conducted to validate the facility available in the place and then the certificate is issued.
If you want to feel at home while visiting India, if you want to stay at a home far away from your home, it is time you took a visit to the homestays. For more information, please contact us for authentic homestay optionsin India and travel conveniently to India.
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