Thursday, 21 June 2012

The grandeur and the opulence is a sure treat at the Pooram in Kerala

PooramPooram is the annual temple festival of Central Kerala. It is that auspicious time when you see elephants dressed royally and caparisoned walking in majesty, the synchronized performance of the musical instruments and the audience completely captivated by the synergy applauding their hearts out.The well known Pooram festivals are Arattupuzha-Peruvanam Pooram, Nenmara Vallangi Vela, Uthralikavu Pooram, Chinakkathoor Pooram and the very own Thrissur Pooram. The Thrissur Pooram is the most popular of all happening annually in the month of April or Medam according to the Malayalam calendar. This year the festival is on May 12, 2011 (Thursday).
MelamThe musical array during the festival is specifically called as Melam. Pandi Melam is the most awaited of all the Melams which is performed outside the temple while the Panchari Melam is done inside. Another classical musical display in Kerala is the Panchavadyam which is the musical harmony coming from five (5) different instruments. Kombu, Madhalam, Edaka, Timila and Elathalam are the five maestros.
The firework display is another outstanding feature of the Thrissur Pooram. The fireworks are lit by two (2) rival teams separately, namely Thiruvambadi and Paramekavu. It is a competition between the two teams in terms of fireworks and the display of elephant power. Huge numbers of crackers, some of them quite heavy, are burst into the sky. For a continuous number of 36 hours, the crackers illuminate the atmosphere, especially during the early hours.
Vadakkunathan templeThe famous Vadakkunathan temple in Thrissur plays the host for Pooram. The temple during the time of the festival is a sure treat to watch in its grand decorated ambience. If you love music, being part of celebrations or a festivity associated with temple you should definitely visit Kerala during April. Since the weather is likely to be a bit warm during the time, it is important to have a comfortable accommodation there.
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