Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rediscover Yourself at Fazilka..

FazilkaThe stress of daily life and the precarious balance of professional and personal life leaves us in the search of inner peace, serenity and tranquility. “City Fazilka”, a small town in Firozepur district of Punjab, 408 km from New Delhi is a destination that offers you all this and more. It is the oldest planned town of India, similar to Harappa city of the Indus Valley Civilization.
City FazilkaFazilka can be termed as a ‘religious town’, wherein the god-fearing and spiritual citizens have created a “Gowshala”, which is an asylum for cows, an animal revered in the Hindu religion. The population here is a whopping 1000 cows!!
“Fazilka Green Gowshalla” is also an epitome of being eco- friendly, having bio gas plants and energy efficient electrical fittings. Availability of fresh milk in its unadulterated form is another attraction.
You must visit Saravdharam Yoga Kendra every morning and evening for exercises and meditation retreats for better spiritual orientation and personal health.
Another must do activity at Fazilka is visiting many places of religious interest like attending prayers at Methodist Church, Evening prayers and ‘Aartis’ at 137 temples, joining hand to hand with “Prabhat Pheri” singing soulful hymns during early morning hours from Gurudwara Singh Sabha, etc. Magnificent architecture of some of these buildings is going to add peace and spiritual ecstasy to your person.
Tilla JuttiIts not about religion only. If you are on a shopping spree, and wish to collect a souvenir or two, don’t miss the “Tilla Juti”…a leather footwear that is intermediate between a shoe and a slipper, made by cobblers whose origins are in Kasur, Pakistan and is dexterously embroidered with thread or beads. The leather is usually from Agra and Kanpur. The combinations of colours and designs make it an attractive footwear to accessorise with any traditional outfit. Despite being a small town, the production of Fazilka is about 1.2 lakh pairs annually which is cherished both internationally and the domestic market.
Clock TowerAs a tourist, make sure to visit the Asafwala Shaheedon ki Samadhi which is a war memorial to commemorate the sacrifice of Indian soldiers in the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Your patriotic spirit would get recharged if you could attend the “Retreat Ceremony” that is held at Sadiqui border everyday where the flags of India and Pakistan are taken down before sunset, preceded by short cultural programmes and parades. If you underestimate the popularity of this daily ritual, you would be in for a surprise. So plan your day accordingly and reach on time.
Other attractions include the Fazilka Clock Tower, which is the tallest in North India. Also, the tower is situated in a car-free zone, like Chandni Chowk of Delhi, Walled City of Jaipur, etc. A vast market of local delicacies is functional during evenings here. Make sure that you taste “Tosha”, a sweet Fazilka is famous for.
EcoCabsFazilka is also the first town in the world to launch “Dial-a-Rickshaw” Service, called Fazilka Ecocabs.
The key idea of the project is to strengthen existing unorganized network of cycle rickshaw. Five Ecocab call centers are established within the city mainly north, south, east, west and central to provide dial-a-rickshaw facility.
Each centre is serving almost 1500 households. At present fleet of 450 registered traction men are self employed under Fazilka Ecocab project.
Many fairs and festivals are also hosted in Fazilka, where the local tradition, cuisine and culture are showcased.
Jyani Farm HouseAre your eyes glowing? Don’t wait anymore… just plan a short getaway to this beautiful town. No, there is no need to worry about anything anymore as you have visited the perfect website that suits your needs. We, at The Other Home, understand you and design our packages accordingly. If you wish to get a feel of the local atmosphere, we bring to you Jyani Natural Farm, an organic farm spread over 130 acres of land with the farm house in the centre.
The farm has over more than 50 acres fruit plantation that includes Citrus, Guava, Grapes, Blackberry, Amla, Papaya, Banana etc. and many varieties of seasonal crops. A dairy farm with over 40 cows is there too for abundant supply of fresh milk and delicious milk products. Other activities include Horse riding and Tractor & Bullock Cart Riding, early morning farm walks with faithful dogs.
Swimming PoolThe farm house has all modern facilities such as a  fresh water swimming pool, home theatre system, modern kitchen with traditional way of cooking and games room with a tables tennis, chess etc.
The property owner and your host, Mr. Vinod Jyani is a well-known agriculturist and a social worker. He believes in the traditional way of living and welcomes his guests to experience it every day. He has been presented the Organic Man of the Year award 2010 for his significant contribution in promotion of organic farming in Punjab.
Just 14 km away from the farm is Asia’s largest open black buck wildlife sanctuary. Just convey your intentions to Mr. Jyani or us, and your itinerary would be planned suitably.
For more details, click here or contact us straightaway.

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