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Row, Row, Row your boat at Rishikesh

River Rafting - The Other HomeSituated in the foothills of the Himalaya’s in northern India lie’s the holy site of Rishikesh which attracts millions of tourists and pilgrims every year. The Holy waters of Ganga in Rishikesh is considered to be the purest and the holiest by Hindu’s and a dip in this Holy water would wash off all the evil in you.
The Holy waters of Ganga in Rishikesh provide some with a kind of adventure that’s unimaginable. The rapids of Ganga make it one of the best places to do white water river rafting in India. Whether you are travelling or you are on a vacation with your family rafting in the holy water of Ganges is unavoidable.
Camping @ RishikeshRishikesh has become the main center for white water rafting in the northern India. Rafting is an adventure sport of riding in an inflatable rubber boat on a torrential river. The natural and the serene setting of Rishikesh will double up your experience of rafting in Rishikesh. If you are with your family or friends and wish to continue the adventure by camping by the beachside, some of the best camp sites include the Byasi, Brahmapuri, Shivpuri, Marine Drive, Kaudiyala, Kirti Nagar, Rudraprayag and Devprayag.
The places to raft in Rishikesh can be broadly classified as below:
  • Kaudiyala (12 kms)
  • Marine-Drive (10 kms)
  • Shivpuri (7 kms)
  • Bhrampuri (5 kms)
  • NIM (4 kms)
The most popular ones amongst these are Marine-Drive to Shivpuri, Shivpuri to NIM beach (Rishikesh) and Marine-Drive to NIM beach (Rishikesh).
Rapids @ RishikeshIf you wish to purely enjoy the experience of rafting, it is important that you thouroughly know what you are getting into before you hit the river. The River rapids of Ganga are divided into Grade1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5, in the increasing order of difficulty.
The ganges in Rishikesh has 13 exciting river rapids, like the Grade 1 ‘Sweet Sixteen’, Grade 2 ‘Hilton and Terminator’, the Grade 3 ‘Three blind mice and Cross Fire’, and the Grade 4 ‘Roller Coaster and Golf Course’.
  • The Grade 1 rapids are easy with small waves and no obstacles. They are great for first timers. Example: Cash Flow
  • The Grade 2 are moderately difficult but with clear passages. Example: Good Morning.
  • Grade 3 rapids are difficult with irregular waves and narrow passages. Example: Three Blind Mice
  • Grade 4 rapids are powerful waves more difficult than the grade 3. They occur in faster currents. Example: Golfcourse.
  • The grade 5 waves are highly congested, very difficult and violent. These waves have faster currents and scouting in necessary. Example: The Wall
  • The Grade 6 rapids are virtually un-runnable and can be attempted by professional racing teams. Example: Suicidal
Rapids - RishikeshThe Grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 require high and precise maneuvering. If you want fight with biggest rafting rapid of Ganges than go for the Kaudiyala Rafting this 40 Kms stretch starts from kaudiyala and ends at Rishikesh and is great if you are very adventurous and like to take on new challenges. The King of Rapids “The Wall” is situated near Byasi. The Wall can be enjoyed in short stretches from Kaudiyala to Marine drive too.
Rafting in the Ganges is not just for professionals School groups and families could also have a great rafting experience. Smaller waves especially from Brahmapuri to Rishikesh are apt for School children and novices. This 9 km rafting stretch has Grade 1 and Grade 2 rapids. The Butterfly rapid between Marine drive and Shivpuri is a body surfing rapid that cannot be missed.
BoatsRafting in Rishikesh is a once in a lifetime experience each boat accommodates around 6-9 people depending on the size of the boat. The physical strain undergone is overcome with the joy of the experience.
Rafting in Rishikesh is good all year round, but the best time for white water rafting is from October to January when the river is flowing fast with all the coming down from the monsoon rains. This area receives a lot of rainfall hence it’s always recommended that you enquire before you plan a trip.
VNA Resorts @ The Other HomeOne more thing to keep in mind is choosing the right people to have your rafting expedition with. You want somebody thoroughly equipped and highly professional. A great trainer could make a great rafting experience. The VNA Resortsituated near Marine Drive in Rishikesh is one of the most trusted and professional resort which offers affordable stay and rafting experience. They are especially known for their camping experience and the adventure sports like Rafting, Rock climbing, Bridge Slithering, Rapelling, Nature walks and Night Hiking. We, at The Other Homeand Indian Himalayan Adventure Club, could help you plan out a complete itinerary right from getting to Rishikesh to Rafting in the Ganges and your journey back.
If you are tired of the water there are other kinds of adventure sports like cliff jumping, rappelling and rock climbing that would keep you occupied.
Tripti @ The Other HomeSometimes rightly nicknamed as the ‘Yoga capital of the world’ Rishikesh has numerous world class Yoga centers that attract tourists. Meditation in Rishikesh brings one even more close to achieving Moksha. While in Rishikesh you should enroll in one of the Yoga programs at Ashrams like the Rishikesh Yoga Peeth a yoga school and ayurvedic center, The Ved Niketan Ashram or the Institution for higher Meditative Consciousness. You can book your stay at holiday home – Tripti and can enjoy the local food.
Plan a trip to Rishikesh today to cleanse your soul while you meditate in the religious land of the Hindus or you clear your mind by jumping onto the boat and facing the hard and fast rapids of the Ganges.
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