Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sindhu Darshan Festival – Proud to be part of this great country called ‘India’…

Leh, LadakhA beautiful celebration of the unity and diversity of a great country called India, the Sindhu Darshan festival is held every year in June. A symbol of communal harmony, where all religions and communities from across the country comes to celebrate forgetting their differences. A true symbol of ‘unity in diversity’ in India. If you thought our country was going the wrong way with communal fights and bad politics, then may be a trip to the Sindhu River in June will make you think the other way.
Leh - Sindhu DarshanSindhu Darshan FestivalsLeh FestivalCelebrated in Ladakh near the Sindhu River or Indus River as it is called, the Sindhu Darshan festival has been held since 1997.The River stands for peace and the unity of the country. It is one of the oldest rivers of India that gave way to a civilization. So the river definitely has the privilege of playing host for the celebration, doesn’t it?
The festival is marked with performances of artists from across the country. The three day festival starts with a traditional Buddhist prayer. The Namgyal Tsemo Shey palace and the Stok Palace museums are highlights of Ladakh that shouldn’t be missed if you are paying a visit to the place. You could go wild or safe on road trips and have all the fun you want.
The visit to the Sindhu could be more like a pilgrimage if you wanted to go for one. The refreshing scenery and the divinity of the river and the presence of different cultures take you to a different world completely. It makes you feel like you are part of something big, something important, something substantial. It could also be a study tour about the origin of civilization in India and its various cultures. You could be part of all the cultural extravaganzas and enjoy yourself too. Or if you have wanted a break for a long time, but never really felt like pinning down a location, then wait no longer. This is the ultimate place that can take all your tensions and worries away. You could come out as a new person altogether refreshed from the experience.
Ladakh gets pretty crowded during the festival days. If you want to be on the safe side, it is always better to book in advance. The Other Home gives you comfortable stay to make your stay at Ladakh a beautiful experience. Pleasecontact us for more details.

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